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Hans Martin Rundberg Austestad

↑ still: Johannes Selvaag


Hans Martin, born in 1983, is a versatile music producer with expertise in a series of genre expressions, singing and playing multiple instruments on a high level. Songwriting, composition and arrangements, and production. Over a decade of experience on the road paved the way for his journey into session and production work. Educated in jazz and folk music, he holds a master's degree in songwriting from top Norwegian institutions. With a diverse musical portfolio, including over 50 albums and numerous awards, Austestad excels as an artist, composer, session musician, and producer. Beyond music, he extends his talents to project management, photography, film editing, and design, contributing to both independent and corporate projects on a national and international scale.


How can I be of service?

I specialize in a diverse array of musical services: producing, composing, arranging, and session work encompassing various instruments, great vocals, harmonies, lyrics, and songwriting.

My expertise extends to mixing and mastering  professionally for both physical and digital formats, as well as syncing music with video. Highly proficient in Logic and adept with several other commonly used DAWs, I've been lucky to follow projects through entire processes from songwriting to mastering. And I've many times jumped in and out of a project where my skills are of selective use. I've also guided many musicians and colleagues in what equipment to acquire to get their studios up and running.

Based in Bergen, Norway, my studio boasts a 24-channel I/O setup, featuring top-notch equipment such as the 16-channel Rupert Neve 5059 Satellite summing mixer, high-quality preamps, EQs, and an assortment of gadgets. I rely on Quested, Adam, and Avantone monitors across three different sets. Additionally, I can seamlessly record 12-16 channels on location.

Spread across approximately 50m², my studio serves as a dynamic workspace for tracking, editing and accommodating smaller groups for album projects. It's earned accolades for its exceptional capabilities. I take pride in employing some of the industry's finest microphones, including the Neumann U47 FET, AEA R44, Wunder Audio CM12 and CM67, AKG C414, among others. I also utilize vintage microphones .


My equipment spans vintage and contemporary instruments. I've been an avid collector of gear all my life. Including guitars, basses, banjos, keyboards, drums, various wind instruments. And an intriguing array of old-world instruments like banjukes, jaws harps and lyres. Moreover, I am well-versed in VST instruments, midi and plugins.

For inquiries or collaborations, reach out!

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